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Day One - Central Mall

Kuad Kaew Central Mall
One of two huge malls
in Chiang Mai

Day One - Tour of the City

Man made moat
surrounds the old city
and is bordered by
colorful flowers & trees.

Day Two - Doi Suthep

Wat Phrathat
at Doi Suthep

One of the most
revered Buddhist temples
in all of Thailand
and the most popular
tourist site in Chiang Mai.

Day Two - Night Bazaar

Thousands of items
and bargain for the best price
Crafts, jewellry, clothing
and much more..

Bring a photo
and have it put on canvas.

Day Three - Wachiratharn waterfall

Located in the Doi Inthanon
National Park

Day Four - Hot Springs

Boil your own eggs
in the hot springs
which is customary

Enjoy a picnic in the shade
and dip your feet into the
rejeuvenating hot springs.

Day Five - Elephant Training

Children love elephants
There are at least another 6 elephants out of view at the side.

Day Five - Man Made Lake

Children play in the water
while adults relax in
a tent like setting with a cool refreshment.
A delicous freshly cooked
meal & locally grown fruits
top off this family venue.

Day Six - Chiang Mai Zoo

Another popular family venue
that everyone will enjoy

Many photo opportunities

Optional Add on's:

Amusement arcade
Antique shops
Orchid farm
Snake farm

Option for Nature Lovers:

Combine a traditional
Thai house with fantastic
scenery & fresh air
and you will be at one
with nature.

Enjoy a traditional
Thai evening barbeque.
A day you
will long treasure.

T.A.T. License 21-0284

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Chiang Mai Family Tour Package:

This tour packages starts on a Saturday and is designed for the family in mind. The most often selected itinerary is shown below along with possible venue additions.

Tours will be centered around Chiang Mai which is Thailand's second largest city. Located a short 1 hr. flight north from Bankgok the city is cooler than Bankgok and offers more for you to do and see.

This package keeps the family together doing things that they will all enjoy. Be sure to bring a camera as there will be plenty of incredible photo opportunites.

When you return home you will have the vacation of a lifetime. By joining a group you will enjoy the best prices and accommodations. You will have a chance to meet people from around the world.

For the nature lover we have a lovely traditional Thai house set in an ideal location where the view is magnificent. Many venues are nearby and the evening dinner will be Thai barbeque. Normally recommended as a must try for one day.

Take the first step to an exciting, affordable and memorable vacation.

Popular 7 Day Family Tour Package:

Day 1 ( Meals: -/-/D )

Arrival in Chiang Mai. Transfer to your accommodations and check in.

A visit to one of the largest city malls or shopping centres will give everyone and opportunity to exhange money at the bank, pick up snacks, view the shops, and buy anything they may need for the week ahead.

An late afternoon/early evening tour of the city which will include the moat surrounding the old city. It will be lit up and fountains will be shooting water skywards and provide you an excellent photo opportunity.

By now most of you are looking forward to a delicious, filling meal and that what we have in store for you. A Traditional Lana "Khantoke" dinner with entertainment. Thai dancers dressed in local costumes will perform dances for your entertainment. After the entertainment you can ask any questions you may have and you will all receive a map of the city.

Day 2 ( Meals: B/L/D )

Tour to the one of the most revered temples in all of Thailand and the most visited tourist attraction in all of Chiang Mai - Wat Phrathat at Doi Suthep. Located on a hilltop on the outskirts of Chiang Mai and with a panoramic view of the whole city this is certainly a once in a lifetime photo opportunity.

During the afternoon the tour will visit some Home Industries & also the BorSang village.

Dinner will be at at the Kalare Centre where you can select from various delicous selections, take in entertainment and shop for bargains at hundreds of shops with thousands of different items to pick from.

If you brought a family photo you can have it put to canvas for a very reasonable price and it will last a lifetime. They will have it ready for you in two days and then they will package it for your return trip home for free.

Day 3 ( Meals: B/L/D )

Visit The highest peak in Thailand approximately 8,500 feet above sea level and a 2 hr. drive south of Chiang Mai. During the drive enjoy the beautiful scenery. See the King and Queen Pagodas, and have lunch at the restaurant in National Park Headquarters. The tour will conclude with a visit to Mao & Karen villages and Wachiratharn waterfall.

Back in Chiang Mai at 5 p.m. and time to relax and freshen up before your Thai dinner which will be a buffet with Thai and English foods including french fries for the children. Transportation will be arranged via tuk tuk or red taxi which the kids will look forward to.

After dinner we will return to your place of accommodations for you to relax, watch some TV and rest up for a full day tour to-morrow.

Day 4 ( Meals: B/L/- )

This is a full day tour and you will go to Chiang Rai. On route you will pass beautiful mountains and valleys, stopover at the Hot Springs, and then proceed to Chiang Saen, which was the old capital of the Lanna Kingdom.

The Golden Triangle is where three countries Thailand, Burma and Laos meet at the Maesai Border. This is the northern most town in Thailand. On the return trip to Chiang Mai you will visit the beautiful Temple Wat Rongkhun.

You will arrive back in Chiang Mai about 8 p.m. and you may have already had dinner, if not try a quick meal from a street vendor. Normally tasty and very affordable.

The evening is free time.

Day 5 ( Meals: B/L/D )

The Buddhist temple tour may not be of interest to the children but a trip to see the elephants, perhaps even an elephant ride followed by a trip to the man made lake with certainly bring a large smile.

Watch the elephants perform. Take photo's of the children with the elephants. They will certainly want to show this photo to their friends back home.

In the afternoon we will visit the man made lake. Take a stroll, lay by the side of the lake as the children play in the water. Enjoy a chilled drink in the tent like setting and then order a freshly cooked meal followed by local fruits.

In the evening a return to the Night Bazaar and also to Pantip Plaza which has great software prices. If you droppped off a photo to be painted several days ago it will be ready for you to-day. You will be amazed at the superb quality of the paintings. A dinner at a favourite pub/restaurant and then you can return to your accommodations or take in some nightlife.

The evening is yours to do with as you please.

Day 6 ( Meals: B/L/D )

Breakfast followed by a trip to the Chiang Mai Zoo. More photo opportunities and watch out the youngest ones will want you to buy them a Panda bear at the retail store when you are leaving.

Restaurants and snacks are available throught the Zoo. Lots of exercise is in store for you.

In the afternoon a trip to the Sports Complex where there is a large adult pool and a pool for small children. An early dinner will be served at the terrace restaurant overlooking the pool and sports complex.

Return to place of accommodations to relax and change. Your evening is free time. Do what you like and want to do.

Day 7 ( Meals: B/L/- )

Breakfast, and a free morning to yourselves.

Lunch will be at a fantastic All you can Eat Buffet set in a location by the side of the river. Prompt, courteous service, a great selection of foods to pick from including many tasty desserts.

We will take this luncheon as an opportunity for you to take photos with new friends and for us to take your photos for our future tour promotions.

The last evening is yours. Bowling, shopping, ice skating, a movie at a theatre, do whatever you enjoy most.

Day 8 ( Meals: B/-/- )

Breakfast, check-out and transfer to airport/train station. For those individuals departing in the evening we will leave it up to them where they want to go and what they want to do.

In Chiang Mai venues listed below can be substituted for those listed above for a nominal surcharge. Just let our tour operator know which you prefer and they will take care of the rest.

Pricing is based on the size of the group that we can put together.

Amusement arcade
Antique shops
Orchid farm
Snake farm

Option for Nature Lovers:

Combine a traditional Thai house with fantastic scenery
& fresh air and you will be at one with nature.

Enjoy a Thai bbque. in the evening. A experience you will treasure

Day 1- Day 8 - Chiang Mai Trip Overview:

This one week tour to Chiang Mai covers the most desired tourist attractions. The tour includes temples, moat, and tour within the city and well as visit to Hot Springs, Doi Suthep, Doi Inthanon Int'l Park, Golden Triangle, and man made lake outside of the city.

The tour price includes 7 nights accommodations, all meals (with exception of 2 Dinners where you are on your own or on a longer term where you may have already had dinner), transfers, entrance fees, and a driver/escort during 4 evenings to enable you to see and do more.

Total fee for 7 day package: $ T.B.A./pp Single

Total fee for 7 day package: $ T.B.A./pp Group size 2-16

Total fee for 7 day package: $ T.B.A./pp Group size 17+

* Based on double occupancy.

Single occupancy fee (if part of group) is $ T.B.A.

and it provides you a Hotel Room for your exclusive use

* 30% due at time of booking and balance on arrival date.

* Children under 12 50% discount and infants under 2 free of charge

Just e-mail

[email protected]

with any booking inquiries

It is very easy to book travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

You can either book an one hour air flight and we recommend Air Asia as they are efficient and the lowest cost carrier, or book a train and we suggest departing Bangkok in the morning and arriving in Chiang Mai in the evening. The choice is yours. A fast 1 hr. flight or a comfortable 13 hr. journey.

To book your Air flight: Click Here for
Air Asia home page

The cost of the airfare is approximately 1,300 baht $37 U.S. each way and flights departing early in the morning or late in the evening are lower priced. Select English if that is your language and at the top left of Air Asia page select departure and return destinations and proceed to check availability and prices. Payment can be made on line and you will get your boarding pass at the Air Asia check in counter.

To book your Train trip: for
Connecxion - you can book train travel with them and they will deliver the tickets to your hotel in Bangkok

The cost of the train fare is about 1/2 that of airfare or about $18 U.S. each way. This includes 2-3 meals, a snack and refreshments. A very comfortable a/c reclining seat is recommended on the express train. We suggest the 2nd class A/C for 611 baht or $17 US.- SP EX DRC Class 2 - #9 Departs 8:30 am and arrives 8:05 pm but don't count on it being on time.. maybe an hour late.

When you have arrived in Chiang Mai we will look after you from that point until you are ready to leave for Bangkok.