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We have offered our tour clients a variety of accommodations from luxury guesthouse, villa's with or without pools, hotels, and condo's.

The accommodations which is by far the most popular is condo accommodations.

The condo's we offer are 50% to 250% larger than standard hotel rooms, the condo's have kitchenettes with fridge, coffee maker, microwave and at times cooktop and equipped with cooking utensils and dinnerware.

The majority of our condo's feature modern lcd tv's and dvd players as well.

In terms of location the condo complexes where we recommend or manage condo's are close to the most popular tourist areas and close to large malls, restaurants, shopping and nightlife.

Larger than hotel rooms, much better equipped, in ideal locations and offered at prices similar or lower than hotel rooms.

No wonder our clients book and re-book with us on return visits and why 14 short term condo rentals at one of our condo complexes can be solidly booked.

Now you may be curious about the differences between a Serviced Apartment and a Condo Apartment:

Well, it comes to several factors. One being noise. If you stay in a serviced apartment the tenants will more likely be staying there shorter term and tend to create more noise than someone who is living here long term. This is my personal observation.

Next I would say price. The condo will be lower priced than the serviced apartment. This applies to both small and large serviced apartments. Some of the serviced apartments get very pricey when you upgrade to a larger unit or suite.

You will be more likely to be able to cook in a condo versus a serviced apartment. Even a smaller condo could have hot plates, microwave and a sink whereas you will not see a kitchen or kitchenette available in serviced apartments until you move up to the suites which as I said are pricey are downright expensive for what you are getting.

And another factor is that a condo is taken care of better than a hotel room. There are some hotels here with impressive lobby's but the rooms are old and rundown.

So whether you are coming to Chiang Mai for a day, week, month, year or more we have accommodations for you from bungalows, condo's, houses, serviced apartments, and hotels. Just send us an e-mail with the date of arrival and departure, and a few details as to what you want and what budget we have to work with and we will recommend the best that we have or can find.

Short term Condo's:

Pool, fitness on site and close to large mall ..

Our accommodations do not charge joiner fees, offer more privacy as compared to serviced apartment and hotel.

For our medical tourism clients the accommodations we offer are ideal for clients who take advantage of the low priced medical procedures available in Chiang Mai while taking in a vacation in an beautiful city referred to as "Rose of the North".

Be it liposuction, face lift, hair transplant, or other common procedures you certainly want accommodations that offer the comforts you enjoy at home while recuperating from the procedure. A dvd player where on take in favorite movies or music, and a kitchen where one can keep refreshments chilled and make up snacks when one gets the urge.

When recurperating we offer doctor approved tours be it group or private so that medical tourism clients can make the most of their stay here in beautiful Chiang Mai.

Spacious 1 bedroom, jacizzi, balcony, dvd player, great kitchen..

We refer our tour clients to Retire-on-550-month.com for long term accommodations and also short term condo rentals. To visit their site simply click on the link below which will take you directly to the Retire-on-550 website.